A little about me

I’m Julie Capozziello

Welcome to my website! I am the owner of Juliexfit Coaching LLC, I am SO HAPPY you are here right now!

I have been doing online coaching for 4 years and coaching is my greatest passion. My mission is to bring health, fitness and confidence to as many individuals as possible in my lifetime. I am an American Council of Exercise personal trainer with a hormone and metabolism specialty. I work with women from ages 18 - 75. My style of coaching includes education (you will always know the WHY behind your protocols), empathy (I understand real life plays a BIG ROLE in our journeys) and a sprinkle of tough love when you need it!

I guide each individual client through their fitness journey and specialize in long term commitments, most clients are with me for 9+ months! I do not believe in quick fixes or fads, I believe in hard work, consistency and complete life style enhancements.

I can help you...

... If you suffer from PCOS
... If you are struggling with motivation
... if you can't find TIME to workout
... if you want to lose weight
... if you want to gain muscle
... if you want a recomposition (lose weight and gain muscle)
... if you want to fix your relationship with food

See what you're getting with me:

Customized workout plans
Delicious meal recipes & nutrition planning
Daily Habit tracking
Weekly check-ins through the app
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